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Background: We aimed at evaluating the feasibility and effects of intense (i.e. -90°C) whole-body cryostimulation (WBC) on somnolence and psychological well-being in an older-adult patient diagnosed with restless legs syndrome (RLS).

Methods: An interrupted time series approach was used in which the efficacy of cryostimulation was evaluated by measuring self-reported fatigue, wake time sleepiness, and well-being several times prior to, during, and after exposure to treatment (i.e. daily 3-min sessions of intense WBC).

Results: No adverse event occurred. Reported levels of sleepiness decreased immediately following the beginning of the treatment phase. In the same time, self-reported well-being significantly increased. Effects sizes were of large magnitude.

Conclusion: In summary, the present study demonstrated that daily exposure to extremely cold air in an enclosed space for 2 weeks was feasible and effective in promoting physical and psychological states in an older patient with sleep disturbances.

Kasmi, S, Filliard, JR, Polidori, G, Bouchet, B, Blancheteau, Y, Legrand, FD. (2020)

Full Article : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31515948/