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In recent years, the prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically and has become a 21st century epidemic. Obesity is associated with the development of many diseases, and therefore treatments that can reduce body mass are actively sought. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of 20 cryostimulation sessions on body composition in obese/high body mass (HBM, n = 12) males and normal body mass (NBM, n = 9) controls. The HBM group had a mean age = 29.08 ± 4.19 years, body fat percentage = 32.08 ± 6.16%, body mass index = 36.23 ± 8.13 kg/m2) and NBM group had a mean age = 22.00 ± 2.45 years, body fat percentage = 12.14 ± 4.93%, body mass index = 23.58 ± 2.00 kg/m2. Kilocalorie intake was similar for both groups. All participants received 20 sessions of systemic cryostimulation at -120°C for 2-3 min in a cryochamber. Blood samples were collected before the first session, 1 h after the 10th session, and 1 h after the 20th cryostimulation session. C-reactive protein (CRP) plasma concentrations, and expression of the heat shock protein genes (HSPA1A, HSPB1) and CRP mRNA in leukocytes were evaluated after 10 and 20 cryostimulation sessions. In both groups, 20 sessions were associated with a significant decrease in body mass, fat mass and the percentage of body fat. CRP concentrations were significantly higher in obese people before the first session and after 10 treatments, but not at the end of study. Expression of HSPA1A and HSPB1 mRNA gradually decreased with the number of cryostimulation sessions. A significant difference in HSPA1A expression was found after 20 sessions (NBM > HBM) and for HSPB1 at baseline and after 20 sessions (HBM > NBM). Our results show that cryostimulation influences body composition and that cryostimulation-induced HSP genes expression depends on the number of cryosessions and baseline body mass, and is differentially altered in HBM individuals. Further research on the interaction between body mass and cold adaptation is warranted.

Pilch, W, Wyrostek, J, Major, P, Zuziak, R, Piotrowska, A, Czerwińska-Ledwig, O, Grzybkowska, A, Zasada, M, Ziemann, E, Żychowska, M. (2020)

Full Article : https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32289283/