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The paper presents a little known issue about the influence of wholebody cryotherapy on mental health. Observations of patients’ behaviour after passing the cryogenic chamber leads to an interesting hypothesis. Short exposition to extreme cold has doubtless a profitable influence on man’s frame of mind. Immediately after passing the cryogenic chamber, apart from the well known analgetic effect, we detect changes in patients’ mental state such as improvement of mood, deep relaxation, freshening up, consolation, euphoria. This unusual state lasts for a long time after ending the cycle of cryotherapy. Different mechanisms of this effect are considered. New possibilities of this method have been presented. Durability of such an advantageous phenomenon are investigated in our research centre in Wroclaw.

Rymaszewska, J, Bialy, D, Zagrobelny, Z and Kiejna, A. (2000) “[The influence of whole body cryotherapy on mental health]”. Psychiatr Pol 34 (4) 649-53.

Full Article : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11059263