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This study was aimed to evaluate anti-inflammatory effect of the whole body cryostimulation in obese men. Fourteen subjects (BMI >30 kg m(-2)), divided into two subgroups according to cardiorespiratory fitness: higher (HCF) or lower (LCF), have been exposed to 10 sessions in a cryogenic chamber (-110 degrees C). Blood samples were collected before, 30 min and 24 h after the first, fifth and last cryostimulation. Coldness exposures affected blood cytokine profile; however, the response depended on subjects’ fitness capacity. Concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the LCF decreased by 19, 6.8, and 7.4 % in IL-6, resistin, and visfatin, respectively. TNFalpha in the LCF dropped 4.3-fold compared to baseline, while in the HCF, changes were smaller, yet significant. Anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 increased in both groups. No changes in adiponectin and leptin were observed in either group. Obtained results suggest that whole body cryostimulation can be a supplementary method for obese in reducing systemic inflammation.

Ziemann, E, Olek, RA, Grzywacz, T, Antosiewicz, J, Kujach, S, Luszczyk, M, . . . Laskowski, R. (2013) “Whole-body cryostimulation as an effective method of reducing low-grade inflammation in obese men”. J Physiol Sci 63 (5) 333-43.

Full Article : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23744123